About us

It all started with a tannery store that had existed for a lifetime. It was in the year 2000 when we decided to get ownership of it, creating in the process what today is known as Europieles.

At first, we did not have all the distributions that we currently have the pleasure of providing, as we have come a long way since then. Our beginnings were focused solely on the sale of all kinds of leather, as well as material so that the shoemakers could work on their creations.

Little by little we wanted to expand our range of items and offer more and more those that could facilitate the work of craftsmen or enrich their business or offer to their customers. In this way, we start by introducing shoe insoles and specific shoe care products, as well as leather.

Later, we got into the orthopedic and podiatry sector. Finally, it has consolidated itself in our business model and has become one of our main pillars.


Today, we have a wide variety of product distributions and representations, both for shoe repair and orthopedic. Ortotex Medical, Flexor, Herbitas, Cauchos Andes... are just some of the brands we work with.

Our main objective is to provide a comprehensive service to both orthopedics and shoemakers

Lo que nos caracteriza

We are integral distributors in shoe repair and orthopedics.

We are specialized in shoe repair and orthopedics.

We have good quality materials to work with templates.

We also work with bazaar products as templates already manufactured.